6 Bright Tips to Practice Grammar Effectively for the TOEFL Exam

Grammar is the most important part of the TOEFL exam. It is because it is helpful in all the four parts of the exam: speaking, writing, listening and reading.

Grammar might not be tested directly in the TOEFL exam, but it will help you improve your fluency and understanding. It will help you express your own ideas accurately and thus will help boost up your scores.

Since the idea of Accurate Grammar seems hard for some people, here are some easy tips to help you improve your grammar.

1. Start with basic rules

Learning basic grammar rules is very important. These rules classify a lot of language situations and then provide appropriate information that can be used in the context.

You should start with your weakest topics, which you can find by taking a grammar diagnostic test. Once you discover your weakest topic, Study it carefully and go through as many examples as you can. Going through the examples will help you get a better grip on the rule.

Use the resources where rules are explained in simple language, a lower intermediate level which is best suited for the beginners.

2. Practice each rule separately

As it is rightly said “practice makes a man perfect”, practising the rules are very important once you know it. The best way to practice it is by making a sentence on your own. And to make sure that the sentence you made is correct, you can consult your teacher or can take help from Google by putting up your query.

When you make your own sentences, you get a better understanding of the rule. Then start using the grammar rule in your writing section. Try to use the rule accurately while presenting your idea. Also, use the sentence structures while you speak. You do not have a lot of time to think in the speaking section, therefore, you need to practice a lot.

Besides making your own sentences, remember to do the exercises. There are many sources online which provide online practice tests and exercise material. Move to the next rules only when you have mastered the first one.

3. Refer to the Rules, when in Doubt

Practising grammar can be a strenuous task. You most likely will come across cases or examples which can cast doubt and confuse you. While in doubt, always remember to reread the rules carefully and clear your doubt before moving forward. Reading your own examples might also help you understand better.

When rules might not help clear your doubt, take help from your teacher or contact any professional online. Taking help from people who are not professional might not be a good idea as most of the people, even some native English speakers use incorrect grammar. So, making sure that your resource is reliable is also very important.

4.Overshoot the Mark

To err is Human”

You make mistakes when you practice something new. Making mistakes is part of the learning process. So never get disappointed over a mistake, instead learn from it. Then learning from your own mistake, you never repeat it.

When you get an answer incorrect, look for the correct option and try to understand where you went wrong. Then, practice a little bit more, till you get it correct. Always remember to record the mistake you make so that you can learn from it. When you do this, every mistake makes you better.

5. Take your Time

While learning, do not try to hast and cover everything quickly. Take your time to grab things slowly and efficiently so that you do not skip any part.

Learning grammar appropriately can be a long term process. The more you learn and practice it, the better. You need to manage your time accordingly. If you have less time, cover the basics first.

If you try to hast, you might skip some important part or might also get confused learning a lot of stuff together. You don’t want that. Take your time to learn, to practice, to revise and to review each and every rule separately and efficiently.

6. Make grammar fun

Practising grammar can get really boring sometimes. Practising from books and reading the same context is tedious. So, you should make practising fun. There are various activities and games that you can play to make it fun.

These games can be played in groups as well as alone. Various websites provide games and puzzles to practice grammar for free.

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