5 Tips and Tricks for Your Writing IELTS Test

-Of all the IELTS modules, writing is what can be called as a concern among students appearing for the test. A number of factors are responsible for such a perception. If we talk about writing good English, that is not everybody’s cup of tea. And when it comes to writing in IELTS, there is a basic criterion which should be followed in order to get maximum score.

Let’s look at the 5 fundamental tips and tricks that can be quite helpful in IELTS Writing test:

-Being an avid reader:

You might feel how reading would influence the score in IELTS writing module but most of the students who score 7 or 7+ scores in IELTS writing are the good readers.  It is so because reading adds to one’s knowledge and vocabulary. Moreover, it makes one acquainted to sentence structures which are generally followed while writing. By reading good books, one can keep a number of words in store. Newspaper reading should also be a part of one’s routine because everyday happenings helps an individual form an opinion about something which is really important in IELTS as the Writing Task 2 is all about expressing opinion about a particular issue. While choosing books to read, make sure you chcoose right books. Reading fiction might add to our vocabulary but figures, facts and logical arguments or opinions can be learnt by widening our scope of reading.

-Writing regularly:

Nothing can improves one’s writing habit except regular practice of writing. Getting across different topics and expressing views on the same makes one adapted to regular writing and it helps in reducing the pressure on exam day. Moreover, writing on 10 topics adds a lot to one’s knowledge which can be used while penning down ideas on one topic during the exam.

-Brushing up Grammatical rules:

Grammar is an important part of any written piece. Therefore, time should be invested in updating oneself with the grammatical rules so that they automatically go correct while writing. Subject verb agreement, preposition usage etc. should be handled properly.

Understanding the answer format & rechecking:

It is really important that we write in the way an essay is expected to be written in IELTS, i.e. introducing the topic, expressing our viewpoint in two body paragraphs and finally a concluding paragraph. Similarly, for the writing task 1, one should follow the set format. It is imperative that we write it in this format only this way we can include all the required information which should be a part of the essay. Moreover, special attention should be given to the word limit. The writing task 1 i.e. a graphical representation or a letter and Writing Task 2 i.e. an essay are said to be written in 150 words and 250 words respectively. We can extend the word limit by 20-30 words, but not more than that.

Getting your answer assessed:

It is extremely imperative to get our answers properly assessed so that we are on the right track. We might have practiced a lot but if it is in not in the right way, our score would not be as we expect it to be. Therefore, an assessment done by an expert has a dire importance here.

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