5 Things Nobody Would Tell You About IELTS

Isn’t it tiring reading the same tips over and over again?

No matter how many pages you browse, counselors you seek help from or the books that you have inhaled by now you still can’t find the one book, online site or a person who would dispel all your confusions and guide you to the right path.

Worry no more, here are some tips (again) by students from all over the world who have scored higher band in IELTS.


1. Success does not happen overnight:

India is a country where the native Language is not English. Attaining a fluency in a Language does not happen overnight. Continuous learning and Constant practice differentiates a struggler from a winner.

This means attending your classes regularly, or if you are not enrolled in an IELTS institute and study on your own, then maintain regularity in your studies.

About constant practice, you need to use the Language at regular intervals without any long period of break.

3 weeks before the actual test is an ideal time to start preparing for the test. Practicing the sample test papers is the easiest and most effective way of raising your band score.

2. Don’t take long to make your point clear:

While writing the essay or letter in the writing section (IELTS GENERAL), students concentrate on writing more than making their opinion or point of argument clear right at the beginning. The more unnecessary suspense you try to build while writing, the more uninterested the examiner would become. This doesn’t mean that you compromise on the number of words but that you state your point right at the beginning and the subsequent points that you write substantiate or support the statement that you are trying to make.

To make your task easy you can write the points of the topic then decide the order in which you want them to present After deciding upon the order you can explain each point and move on.

3. Time is a Luxury:

The task is the same for all the candidates who are taking the IELTS test, but a candidate who has prepared well would know how to achieve the maximum in the least time. However, if you are not prepared enough you would feel a lot more pressurized and in a state of panic you might do a lot of silly mistakes.

Time is a luxury is to say that each second counts. Whether you are answering right or wrong,  depends on your preparation.

4. Watch T.V shows:

It might sound mind-boggling at first, but opening your ears to various sounds of English would help you gain more acquaintance with the Language. Watch as many T.V series as you can with the purpose of Learning and not sole entertainment. It would require a lot of persistence and you might feel distracted at first but it is a pragmatic way to learn the language. Another important thing is to not watch it with the subtitles and train your ears to detect the sounds without reading at First.

5. Develop you reading habits:

To excel in IELTS, along with your comprehension abilities you need to be a fast reader as well. First reading should make you aware of the theme that is contained in the Passage and if you have read well, you won’t be taken aback by the questions. After the first reading, you should be able to spot the answers without using much time.

At the end of the day,  it is the Hard work and persistence of the student that makes him/her distinct from the rest.

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