5 Regular Activities to Become Perfect in English

In the modern era communication in English has started becoming a crucial part of our daily lives. The official language our country is Hindi while English is given the status of second official language in all the public affairs. However there are still many people who are struggling hard with this language and find it cumbersome when they are asked to do an activity related to the appropriate use of English Language.

This inability can be duly taken care by practicing these 5 simple steps-

1. Shout out Loud:

Don’t be scared of anyone. You must know how to take your stand. These are the teachings that each one of us gets from our parents during our childhood. Who knew that this one value has the capability of opening many paths for us ahead? Struggling to speak appropriate English can also be resolved by this simple technique. Reading to yourself loudly on a regular basis gives you the confidence of enunciating in English. People think they make a fool out of themselves by speaking incorrect English; therefore hesitate making this effort. The results of this step are proven and reading loudly improves your pronunciation and makes you more confident.

2. Own a Good Dictionary:

Dictionary is an enormous collected treasure of words. The people who claim to be brilliant in English Language also take the aid from it. Owning a dictionary entices your curiosity if you come across a new word and at the same time gives you the opportunity of knowing its meaning. Learning can be a fun experience with games of Dictionary like Find the Required Word, Use the new word in your communication etc.

3. Read Variant Material:

Reading Books on How to improve your Spoken English won’t groom you in the best way instead the more the exposure the better would be your Command over the language. Begin by Reading the daily newspaper and then add on by reading magazines and short stories. With the passage of Time try changing your genre of reading so that you are able to witness some new words and phrases. Continuing with the same type of magazine and book would limit your sphere of knowledge. Challenge yourself by reading something completely out of your interest and try finding out their meanings. This would give you knowledge of different sort and develop your confidence and curiosity over that aspect.

4. Understand Your Entertainment:

Next time when you watch or listen on a radio an English oriented interview or a game show listen and understand the phrases they use. Try making use of them as a part of your communication. You will realize its real importance only when you instill it in your communication.

5. Learn from your Criticism:

Learning a language which isn’t native to us is a difficult task but what is more difficult to handle are the opinions of people around you. When you have decided to improve yourself in English take every criticism as a challenge and learning experience. Don’t get disheartened if you can’t be perfect at a particular time. Your practice and efforts would be making you better at it gradually and being better is the step to be best.

New Cambridge College realizes the need of the hour and has therefore started a Spoken English Training program. We have Demo Classes for giving the students an overview about the course. These 5 steps followed on a regular basis under expert guidance can make you reach the peak of success.

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