5 Tips to Learn French

5 Quick Tips to Get Hold of French as a Second Language

Learning a language has always been a pleasure and adds to the knowledge of a person. Apart from English which is the global language, there are a number of other languages that people have been learning to explore more opportunities in career and providing aid to themselves while interacting with people from different parts of the world. People are learning German, Spanish, Arabic and many other languages. However, French has been an all-time favourite of the learners. The beauty and the age-old history of this language is what makes it a preferred learning choice of students. However, the process of learning French is a step by step technique which demands regularity and sincerity. Let’s understand 5 quick tips to learn French. 

1. Regularity and Sincerity

Any new learning requires consistency and sincerity and French is no exception to it. Once started, it demands regularity to make it a language of daily use. A simple understanding of concept without repetition makes one forget it easily. 

2. Practical Usage

Simple reading or understanding won’t help in learning French. The practice of speaking it should start within the first week. It helps the candidate get a hold of language and be familiar to its accent. 

3. Audio-Visual way of Learning 

Anything can be learnt easily if we involve all of our senses to it. Similarly, when we speak, write, listen to and read French, it can be easily learnt as our mother tongue.

4. Step by Step learning 

French learning should be started as a child learns to speak his or her mother tongue. It is never started with grammar accuracy of sentences but with words and phrases. A similar pattern in a particular order should be followed for learning French as well.

5. Proper guidance and feedback

A learned French teacher or trainer is of par importance to learn the language in the right way. Therefore, even if we wish to learn French as a hobby or crack the TEF exam, proper guidance should be taken from a trained mentor.

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  • French is a beautiful language. Of course, it is not easy to learn it from scratch. But it is a completely feasible task, I am pretty sure. Very nice article

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