Activities to improve English

5 Not to Miss Activities for Improving your English

Have you ever been a part of a group and feel left out? Have you ever fall short of words while putting across your point? Have you ever wondered why your friend cracks an interview where as you have to look for another option?

Well, if not for all, majority of the modern teenagers or adults in their twenties would consider their ‘not so updated’ English speaking skills as the reason behind this. English, these days is not something restricted to books or syllabus, something which requires efforts to be learnt. With the advancement and increased demand, parents as well as children are putting in their best efforts to be efficient enough to think in English. Hence, there is a need for an English course.

The aware schools and colleges put in efforts to make English as a mandatory part of syllabus but still there are a number of sections of society where awareness is yet to arrive and students still have to work on their communication skills.

Acting as a helping hand, New Cambridge College, one of the renowned language institutes in Chandigarh has guided a number of students in their course of improving writing and speaking skills of English. With interactive classroom sessions under the guidance of experienced faculty, New Cambridge College has brought the best English course for students.  Let’s have a look at some of the activities which form a part of New Cambridge College’s English course and makes it a preferred choice for candidates:

Debates and Declamations – English speaking is not merely speaking a language but an art of expression carried with confidence. Debates and Declamations are one of the proven methods that have helped people build confidence on themselves by helping them have a point on an issue and explaining the same. At New Cambridge College, students take part in declamation and debate activities which not only build their confidence but add to their knowledge as well which they can use in other context as well.

Role Plays– Presenting situations and asking students to respond to that situation in English brings them into an actual scenario of life where they will be using English. This helps them get adapted and use classroom discussions in conversations outside.

Mock Interviews– Interview preparation has been an old way of working on one’s communication skills as well as building confidence. Interview preparation involves one on one question answers which are to be answered on the spot. After initial practice, it gets easy for the candidates to answer different sort of questions.

Grammatical Efficiency– Grammar is an important part of both written and spoken English.  Hence, we can never ignore its importance when it comes to improving English. The course structure includes classes on grammatical rules which hold an importance in speaking English. In addition to this, special emphasis is given to classes on prepositions.

Storytelling and Quiz – Students can be asked to narrate a story in English and various quiz can be organized to test their knowledge of synonyms, vocabulary etc. This will bring a feeling of competition among the class and in a race of performing better, candidates learn a lot.

In addition to this, there are a number of other activities which make learning English a great experience at New Cambridge College. Join and have an unmatched experience.

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