5 Must Add Hacks for Your IELTS Exam Preparation

5 Must Add Hacks for Your IELTS Exam Preparation

With craze for other things in the developing world, a sharp increase has been seen in migration to abroad countries and eventually people’s inclination towards language exams which are a proof of a candidate’s proficiency in English language, the one spoken widely all over the world. Most of the universities, colleges and organizations in different parts of the world consider IELTS as a pre requisite for migration to that particular country. Hence, there is an increase in number of candidates taking IELTS every month. To a particular section of society, the exam seems tough whereas to the other section, it sounds easy. Let’s have a look at 5 hacks which you must add in your IELTS Exam Preparation process in order to get that 7+ band level.

1-Understanding the requirement and prioritizing:

The first and foremost step is to realize why we are appearing for IELTS. Is it only to test our level of English, is it to understand the pattern of exam, is it a part of our hobby or is it a requirement for our migration to a particular country. Understanding this will help you know the at least figure of bands required by you in all the four modules. For example, some of the universities or colleges ask for 6+ bands where as others ask for 7+ bands. On the other hand, some of the institutes ask for a particular score in a particular module. Therefore, if we realize what we really wish to target, we can plan our practice sessions and prioritize modules accordingly.

2-A true Guidance

No one is born an expert and requires some guidance for everything. IELTS is no different and everyone who appears for it has to understand the flow and pattern of exam. Therefore, the next step should be looking for a right guidance which will help you obtain desired bands.


Regularity is important for every test and same goes for IELTS exam as well. A regular practice solving variety of sample papers helps one not only analyzes the performance but also build confidence. One can come across different questions which will help during the exam day and make it feel like any other normal day of practice.

4-Working on the week points

No doubt all the four modules are equally important and a reduced score in one module might hamper the overall performance of the candidate but in a hurry to practice all modules every day, the week ones should not be left. Extra time should be devoted to them and tips and tricks should be learnt properly so that we can get over the week points in time.

5-Appearing for Mock tests

It is always advisable to appear for mock test in order to actually feel the exam and overcome exam pressure, if in case if persists. Various institutes like New Cambridge College do include mock test as part of their course structure and help students get an idea of their preparation level which they can increase or keep steady as per their score.

This time, gear up and get that 7+ desired score to realize your ultimate abroad dream.

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