5 Interesting Careers You Can Opt for After Getting a Degree in French

Learning a new Language is not an easy task, Especially if you are looking for Career options after specializing in one. French has emerged as one of the most preferred options for the students worldwide. The increasing demand explains the number of French classes in Chandigarh.

Getting a degree in French or in any other Language comes with its own set of benefits. While having a specialization in any other discipline limits your options of work to a few areas, after getting a degree in French there are an unimaginable number of exciting and interesting options that you can choose from.


1.Enter the foray of Hotel management: Hotel Management  is a great way to earn good money through your Language skills. If you are working in your native country then research about the Hotels that receive International clients more and start applying to these Hotels or you can apply for work in the various countries where French is the official Language or is spoken more. This option would satiate your Travel bug and at the same time you’d be increasing your earnings by a significant amount (Serve your customers well and you’d earn great tips!)

  1. Be a Wine professional. According to the latest data, France is the world’s number Wine producing country.

So if you have a degree in French you can work in Fine restaurants in excellent positions. Also called a Sommelier a wine professional is a Wine expert who takes care of all the areas related to wine service. The role requires much more specialization and information than a wine waiter. As a part of your job you work with the culinary team and suggest wines that would pair suitably with the food in the menu.

You’d be in regular communication with the makers of wine and the international guests at prestigious wine events.

  1. Write Subtitles or be a Voice over artist If your skills lie in writing and that too exceptionally you can choose writing subtitles for the movies that are released internationally. For eg. A film that is made in Hindi(Indian Language) but is releasing on an international level, the dialogues would be accompanied by subtitles so that it can be understood by the locals of the place.

The same holds true for voice overs.

If you have the ideal pronunciation, you know the grammar rules then you are suitable for the job.

The main function in both the jobs mentioned above is to understand the sentiment of Language in which the Movies, documentaries, advertisements, etc. Have originally been made.

  1. Work in an Airline: If you choose to work with an International flight then you’ll have people travelling from various parts of the world as well. For eg., A flight which travels to and Fro from France would have the majority of passengers speaking french and your Language skills would help you get an edge to get a job in that specific airline. As you have a Language degree in French you’d be comfortable to handle the passengers and answer their inquiries thus making you more suitable for the job than other candidates.
  1. Work for a Government Organisation: If you find yourself fascinated by different countries and cultures you can choose the option of foreign civil services.

For people who have a degree in French, they can work in the countries where the Language is spoken.

The work mainly revolves around the adoption of policies that have been implemented internationally, communication with foreign Government officials, maintaining International relations  etc.

Spoken by 220 million people, French is the official Language in 29 countries.

If you find yourself wanting to explore one of the above options by learning French, enroll yourself with the best French classes in Chandigarh.

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