5 Effective Ways to Improve Your IELTS Reading Ability

IELTS Reading is the the module which consists of 40 questions and requires the candidate to answer them based upon reading of 3 passages in IELTS Academic and 4 passages in IELTS General. If one is able to understand the passages in a good way, even 9 bands can be achieved. Therefore, here we present 5 effective ways which can help the candidates get a noticeable improvement in their IELTS Reading ability.

-Practice reading more in less time:

The first and foremost thing while attempting IELTS Reading is to maintain a good speed. With good speed, one can complete all the 40 questions in the given time which automatically increases the scope of scoring maximum marks. One should start gradually but increase speed eventually. It helps a lot on the exam day.

-Solve maximum passages:

In order to reduce the pressure on exam day, try solve maximum passages during your preparation phase. Practice books are easily available in market which contain passages on different topics. The wider variety of passages you solve, the more it will add to your knowledge and increase your level of preparation which will help you understand the upcoming passages with more ease.

Give special attention to True/False/Not Given and heading questions:

Questions related to True/False/Not Given and heading are the ones which majority of candidates find hard to solve. Therefore, your practice sessions should be primarily focused on them. Various tips and tricks are available which help you reach the right answer in minimum span of time. Make those tricks a part of your answering strategy. Along with that, focus on understanding the passage with maximum clarity. It will surely add help you answer right. 

-Write neatly and check spellings:

Nothing is more disheartening than losing marks because of wrong spelling or poor handwriting. Therefore, the writing should be legible and spellings should be correct. You need not practice calligraphy or have the best handwriting for this. The need is to just make sure that what you write can be read properly. Writing answers in Capitals helps you here. The little mistakes can be easily avoided this way. Also, make sure you check your answers (if time allows) after writing down.

-Read more and on different topics:

Reading helps one generally to understand different topics easily. Therefore, reading should be a part of one’s routine. It will prove fruitful in the long run. Reading books on different subjects like psychology, science, sociology or history, which are generally the topics of discussion in the passages asked in IELTS reading can help one form a base of the subject.

Apart from this, a guidance is always required to help you where you get stuck in your practice. Faculty at New Cambridge College comes with an experience of more than 7-8 years in IELTS and have helped innumerable students in getting their desired bands. For reading, the institute provides a number of passages to practice which are exactly like the ones asked during IELTS test. Be a part of the institute and improve your chances of getting more bands.

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