5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When You Prepare for Your IELTS Test

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When You Prepare for Your IELTS Test

Every test comes with a generic way of preparation and the International English Language Testing System is no different. Every individual might take a different time or adopt a different pattern but the overall purpose remains the same. Most of the tests focus on what should be done for an exam but this article will take you through some common mistakes which should be avoided while IELTS preparation. Let’s understand them one by one.

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When You Prepare for Your IELTS Test

Poor Time Management

Some candidates feel that time management should be the last thing to consider and more focus should be laid upon the preparation. There is no second school of thought in this view but a preparation is of no use if it is not shown properly. Hence, after few days of preparation, every candidate should start focusing on the time management part. It can be done by noting down the time to attempt module like reading and writing. For listening, time management is very important because the audio plays continuously. Similarly in speaking, the candidate is given a particular time to think; hence he or she should practice managing the thoughts in that period of time. All of this can easily be achieved with a regular practice.

Following wrong tips and tricks

The popularity of the IELTS exam has not only made more people appear for it but has also given rise to the teachers who claim to be IELTS experts. Such teachers befool the candidates and do not teach them right. One should be cautious of being trained by such a teacher who usually teach wrong and give an aid in form of tips and tricks which are hardly helpful. One should always remember that no trick or tip can work better in front of a thoroughly understood subject with full concentration. Hence, focus should be laid upon that.

Spelling errors and non-attempted answers

One of the factors which make IELTS better than few other tests is the fact that there is no negative marking in it. This gives the candidate freedom to attempt all the questions and even if he is not sure of one question, he can at least make a guess which if right, can bring him bonus marks. Apart from this, focus should be given on writing correct spellings for every answer. A wrong spelling can cost us marks.

Short answers in speaking module

Speaking module is one of the important modules which if attempted in right way can bring 9 bands to the candidate. It can be done by answering the questions asked in part 1 of speaking in the right way. The right way means not answering one word answers and explaining it a bit more. This will showcase the fluency as well as ability of maintaining accurate sentence structure of the candidate.

Not Practicing

Practice makes a man perfect in everything and same goes for IELTS preparation as well. Regular practice is a must for attaining a good score and should never be underestimated even if you have a sound knowledge of the language.

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