4 must follow tips for a 7 band level IELTS writing

4 Must-Follow Tips for a 7 Band Level IELTS Writing

Are you somewhere between 7 and 8 bands in your reading, listening & speaking and wondering why reaching 7 from 6.5 in your IELTS Writing test a struggle? Well, Welcome. If you are a first timer or the one who is going to make a last effort with this attempt, let this writing attempt be the one based on tips brought forward by the experience of New Cambridge College. We will help you in achieving a 7 band IELTS writing score.

IELTS is not a school test or a college SAT but a world-renowned and highly recognized criterion of testing an individual’s command over the language which is why innumerable test takers are appearing for it in different parts of the world every month. On account of its great recognition, the test follows basic criteria to mark candidates in different modules. Where reading and listening are more of a subjective test in which candidates get either a right or a wrong score, speaking and writing are more of a subjective sort of test. By Subjective, it is meant that the examiner has a say in giving particular bands to a candidate. The examiners who come with over decades of experience in assessing a test taker’s performance follow the criterion set by the IELTS very closely. In order to get the ired bands, it is important to be on the pace with the examiner while understanding the marking criterion, specifically for writing. Let’s have a look at some tips as per the criterion for your next writing attempt in IELTS.

1- Never write what you have learned – Understanding is the key to a good piece of writing. It is advisable to read good essays for knowing the way to write, however, learning then and writing the same thing during the is never the right choice. An idea should be thought of and it should be elaborated using the ways and methods read before. It brings originality to the essay and always keeps the scope of creativity or a new idea alive.

2- More usages of examples – Examples are a must for an IELTS essay. They give completion to the idea and make the writer’s point more clear. Hence, it is very important to include minimum 2 to 3 examples in the essay. The examples should preferably be the generic ones and not personal, until asked so. A survey, experiment or a study can also be quoted as it adds more weight to the point.

3- Using Variety of sentences – Even though plain English is in fashion these days but to make the IELTS examiner believe in your language skills, there is a need to showcase your knowledge of sentences. Hence, a combination of simple, complex and compound sentences should be used in the essay. If possible, interrogative sentences can also be used but they should suit well in the context. Many candidates claim of getting a band higher with more usage of complex sentences.

4- Linkers and Connectors – Linkers and connectors serve as the ornaments of language and are a great help while writing. They kill the monotony of the written piece by acting as a bridge between two sentences. A variety of linkers are available on internet which can be used in the essay.

4 must follow tips for a 7 band level IELTS writing

In addition to the mentioned tips, there are a number of things which can help you work on your achieve 7 bands IELTS writing skills even better. For a comprehensive and result-oriented experience, give New Cambridge College a chance to serve you and make your IELTS dream come true.

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