Why You Should Take IELTS

4 Basic Whys and Hows of IELTS You Should Know

International English Language Testing System or IELTS is the popular English language test taken by a number of people all over the world every month. This test which recognizes a candidate’s efficiency in the English language is used as an assessment test while migration to abroad. If you are looking to continue with your higher studies in abroad or wish to do a job in a more diverse environment, IELTS can help you realize your dream. It is considered as the right assessment of any individual in the English language if he or she wishes to migrate to an abroad country.

Why You Should Take IELTS

Forms of IELTS:

IELTS is of two forms, Academic IELTS and General IELTS. The first thing which differentiates them or which brings the need to conduct this test in two forms is what benefit it brings for the candidate who takes the test. Academic IELTS helps candidates apply for a student visa and General IELTS helps them apply for permanent residency and work permits. The listening and speaking modules remain the same for both the versions. The reading in Academic test is a bit difficult and lengthy as compared to the General test and if we talk about writing, Writing Task 2 remains the same whereas for General IELTS, writing task 1 is a letter and for Academic IELTS, it is data interpretation. 

How is IELTS conducted?

A pen-paper test that tests how good an individual reads, writes, listens, or speaks English is conducted in a span of two days. One day is given to speaking and the other day is given to Reading, Writing, and Listening. The former continues for a period of 20-25 minutes whereas the latter lasts for about 2.5 hours. Speaking is a face to face interview with the examiner, listening requires answering questions after listening to an audio, reading involves answering questions of 3-4 passages and In writing, the candidate is required to write on two topics.

Preparation Time required:

The preparation time for IELTS is totally a subjective topic. One candidate can prepare for it in 15 days whereas other might requires 15 weeks and few slow learners who does not come from an English background, might require 15 months. Whatever time you take, make sure you appear for it after preparing thoroughly. A thorough preparation means you should have scored the required score in your mock tests continuously for three times in all the modules. Such a dedication will surely bring you the desired result.

How to apply for it:

IELTS can be applied to online. You can apply through British Council or idp. Let’s understand the process for idp. The same goes for British Council. First step involves logging to the website – www.ieltsidpindia.com. Click on Register for IELTS and select your test date and test city. There will be a status for availability of seats. Answer the questions asked in the form, pay the required fee and receive an acknowledgement of the same. 

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