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10 GMAT Preparation Strategies For Working Professionals

GMAT prep is not an easy task, especially if you’re a working professional. This is due to the fact that you must manage both your employment and your academics at once. For busy working people looking to achieve a good score in GMAT, this article will provide some helpful GMAT preparation strategies. 

10 useful GMAT preparation strategies for working professionals

Understand the format of the GMAT exam 

Knowing the GMAT exam format inside and out is the most important step. Therefore, take the time to comprehend it. This will assist you in becoming familiar with the test’s idea, curriculum, and scoring system. 

Knowing the syllabus well and out will also make it easier for you to identify your areas of weakness and decide where more study is needed. Once you identify your areas of weakness, put a lot of effort into completing more questions and reviewing the topics in the parts that require improvement. Keep working on your better areas in the meantime because doing so will make your knowledge stronger.

Pay more attention in weekends

Some of you prioritise spending quality time with your family or on yourself during the weekend. However, it’s crucial that you set out 6-7 hours each week for reviewing, picking up new information, or taking practice exams while you prepare for the GMAT. By using this method, you may study for or learn more difficult material on weekends while covering easier material throughout the week.

In other words, Invest more time in your GMAT prep during the week, and then use the weekends to rehearse questions based on the lessons you learned. To make learning simpler, divide your time between studying and practicing. 

Additionally, you’ll be able to gauge how long you are taking to answer each question and how much more work has to be done.

Effective time management

Make the most of your breaks and commute time to maximize your learning. Refresh your memory of all you have already learned, or go through some math problems daily while you drive to and from work. 

Depending on how it suits you, you may either view lectures on a video or turn your notes into an audio file and listen to them. You might also take some time off of work if necessary to properly prepare. Don’t intend to leave your employment, though, as this will have a detrimental effect on admissions.

Opt-in for online sources

Finding time for offline classes for GMAT prep might be difficult for you if your job schedule is hectic. However, choosing online coaching programmes might solve this problem. 

Online learning allows you to access study materials from any location and on any device, saving you the time it would take to travel to a coaching facility and making studying easier. 

Additionally, the potential for learning is greater when it is done online because there are more resources available, such as live mock exams, video lectures, etc. 

Furthermore, it instills responsibility in you because you must learn and assess your academic progress independently. By using this method, you may balance your personal and professional lives wisely.

In addition, you may discover some helpful online classes for your preparation right here.

Maintain Consistency in GMAT Prep

The secret to success is being consistent! Starting to understand the GMAT prep topics is not so challenging, but continuing with the same vigour for an extended length of time is challenging. Even though it’s challenging for you to learn anything new every day, try reviewing and answering questions on the material you’ve already learned. Because if you delay, it will become a habit and hinder your learning development. 

A systematic approach to GMAT prep improves learning and makes sure you don’t forget the material.

Attempt mock tests

Once your GMAT prep is done, begin taking mock tests. By taking practice exams, you become familiar with the question format, which increases your confidence. By doing these diagnostic tasks, you can also determine where you are weakest. 

Understanding your areas of strength and weakness provides you a general sense of how prepared you are and aids in the prediction of your potential exam result. Start by taking the mock tests that are offered on the official GMAT website. In addition, there are several GMAT preparation websites and applications where you may get mock tests with explanations and answers. 

Study right after work

Plan a GMAT study schedule that enables you to study after work if you are unable to study in the morning due to an early start to your workday. After your workday is over, it’s a good idea to get a short bite and a cup of coffee before starting your GMAT prep

It’s best to study right after work rather than later at night because you’ll still be in a good mood after your day’s job. So, you’ll be in the appropriate frame of mind to approach your GMAT prep successfully. 

If you put off your studying until later in the day, you can become weary and lose interest. So, if at all feasible, attempt to finish your GMAT prep right after work.

Do not focus on unimportant things

Remove unnecessary items from your life. 

Each of us lives with a distinct set of priorities. What is essential to you might not be to me, and vice versa. The reality that there are only 24 hours in a day and the need of getting enough sleep for good health and wellbeing, however, cannot be changed. If we estimate 8 hours of sleep every night, we would have around 16 hours of awake time, which is probably insufficient for you to do all you’d like to.

Decide what is crucial to your schedule and what you can postpone until after the GMAT prep before starting your GMAT prep. For instance, while movie evenings, ski vacations, happy hours, and meals with friends are all pleasant activities, they all take time. Perhaps spending two hours in a dark movie theatre with your closest buddy is not the greatest use of your limited spare time—only you can make that decision.

Remember that while you are making short-term sacrifices, a high GMAT score and a diploma from a good business school are assets that will benefit you for the rest of your life. Future success will be greatly impacted by a small sacrifice made today.

Have an open dialogue with your boss 

You could think about having an open conversation about your aspirations to attend business school with your manager, depending on your work environment and your connection with that person. You might mention that you’ll be studying for the GMAT prep and ask if they would be willing to be flexible with you for a few months. 

Perhaps your employer might assign some of your lesser priority jobs to other team members for a few weeks or months, especially if you’ve done outstanding work up to this point.

The best course of action to assist you better organise your GMAT prep may be to speak with your manager about obtaining increased flexibility. Only you are aware of your particular work scenario.

Establish a GMAT study group

Establishing shared goals with folks who are important to you and then cooperating to achieve those goals is a terrific way to spend quality time with them. 

Encourage any friends or coworkers who are considering business school or taking the GMAT prep to start preparing right now. 

Create a study club, and arrange for everyone to get together for a couple times a week at a coffee shop or someone’s house to study. This type of group study is excellent for multitasking since it enables you to maintain your vital job while studying for the GMAT prep.

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