What is the IELTS Exam? Everything You Need to Know

IELTS is one of the prestigious language tests which is a ticket to admission to foreign universities. However, it’s not a cakewalk. It takes a huge deal of preparation to achieve the desired score. IELTS preparation involves understanding the test…

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IELTS test preparation

9 Effective Tips to Manage Your Time in the IELTS Test

Are you struggling with time management in the IELTS test? The IELTS reading exam comprises 40 questions that evaluate diverse reading abilities such as identifying the main idea, grasping key details, comprehending logical arguments, skimming, and detecting the author’s attitudes,…

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GRE Exam Preparation

Preparing for GRE Vocabulary: Strategies and Resources

The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is often required for graduate program admission. The GRE includes a Verbal Reasoning section, which tests your ability to understand and analyze written material. This section includes vocabulary questions that can be challenging, especially for…

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SAT read score - New Cambridge College

7 Tips to boost your SAT reading score

Your score on the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing part of the SAT is calculated using the results of the reading test. (Word and Language Test results account for the remaining half.)  The Reading Test is crucial because of this breakdown,…

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GMAT Reading Comprehension Section - New Cambridge College

10 Tips to ace GMAT Reading Comprehension 

Are you also struggling with the GMAT’s reading comprehension section? Regardless of your beginning proficiency in this section, it can impact your GMAT score if not prepared correctly. But, worry not! We have got your back. Here are some of…

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GRE vocabulary

20 Words You Should Know Before Your GRE Exam

What comes to your mind when you think about the GRE prep? Language skills, of course. But do GRE vocabulary terms really matter that much for performing well on the test’s verbal component?  Yes. Learning new terms is required for…

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New IELTS format 2023

Did You Know About These Latest Changes for IELTS in 2023?

Will you be taking the IELTS  in 2023? As is well known, IELTS is the most widely used language proficiency exam in the world. More than 140 nations recognize this English language proficiency test for immigration-related purposes.  Passing the IELTS…

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How to prepare for SAT in 2023

SAT Preparation: How to Prepare for SAT in 2023

Exams like the GMAT and GRE have come to be considered the de facto norm when speaking of studying abroad preparations. As a result, when it comes to the SAT, one may have relatively fewer possibilities for individualised coaching and…

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