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As the days of August are inching closer, has preparation for SSC CGL (Combined Graduate Level) joined your list of Worries?

A larger number of people are enrolling themselves for SSC training in Haryana to see themselves adorning the chair of Government officers in various Governmental organizations.

SSC CGL is one of the most important exams for students aspiring for various posts in the Government offices.


The number of students appearing for the exam keeps increasing every year and so does the competition.

In 2015 for eg. Close to 17, 86,047 aspirants took the exam.

For all those people who have been preparing for the exams continuously and for all those people who haven’t been preparing at all, here are some tips per section for SSC CGL tier-1 that’d help you accelerate your preparations and achieve better.


  1. General Intelligence and Reasoning:

    It consists of 25 questions with a maximum score of 50.

The main areas to focus on in this section are:

  • Analogy
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Spatial Visualisation
  • Spatial Orientation
  • Judgement
  • Arithmetical Reasoning
  • Problem Solving
  • Visual Memory
  • Discrimination
  • Observation
  • Nonverbal Reasoning
  • Syllogisms and
  • Direction Test and Series


In Nonverbal series, you get questions of

  • Embedded Figures
  • Completion of Figural Series
  • Water Image and Mirror Image

Don’t try to avoid questions of statement assumption or statement conclusion as these questions are comparatively simple and a student can score a minimum score of 2-3 when these questions are attempted.

  1. General Awareness:

    It has 25 questions with a maximum score of 50.The questions in the section aim to evaluate the candidate’s knowledge of the events happening in the world and its subsequent consequence or Impact in the society. Questions would also evaluate the student’s understanding of the daily phenomena around him/her.

To prepare for this section, sift through the exam papers of previous years and assess the pattern.

The questions do not place emphasis on any one discipline but are asked from various disciplines such as History, polity, Sports, Geography, Indian constitution, Relationship of India with its neighboring countries etc.

Commonly asked questions on which students should lay greater emphasis are:

  • Indian culture namely dance of every state and festivals
  • Constitution of India
  • Indian History(Medieval and Modern)
  • Movements related to social and religious sphere in pre-independence era
  • Significant phenomena of science


  1. Numerical aptitude:

    It consists of 25 questions with a maximum score of 50 and is divided into 4 areas

  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry


Height and distance and trigonometric identities should be focused on in Trigonometry.

Profit and Loss, Simple and compound interest, correlation of time and distance and Time and work are the major topics contained in arithmetic.

Area of Geometry shouldn’t be taken easy.

Computing whole numbers and decimals and fractions are other questions that appear.

Questions of simplification are included in the Algebra and in comparison to the other three areas, Algebra is considered relatively difficult to attempt.

  1. English Comprehension:

    It consists of 5 questions with the maximum score of 50. This section tests the candidate’s basic ability to Understand and write English.

Topics that you should prepare for are:

  • Sentence completion
  • Passage comprehension
  • Rearrangement of sentences
  • Idioms and phrases
  • Synonyms and antonyms

Sometimes questions from the past year get repeated hence it is advisable to go through question papers of last year and practice all of them.

Even though the level of comprehension in passages is easier, it still requires a lot of practice to arrive at the answers fast without wasting much time.

Questions of sentence rearrangement, sentence errors and sentence completion require Good knowledge of grammatical rules by the aspirant and if you find yourself lagging behind then brush up your Grammar to answer these questions correctly.

These 100 questions are to be attempted in 75 minutes.

Job-security, Long-term benefits and a sense of responsibility towards the country are some of the factors that drive people to appear for SSC exams.

SSC training in Haryana continues to be lean-on options for candidates aspiring to clear the SSC exams.

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