SOP for US Admissions

How to Write an Effective SOP for US Admissions

An SOP is a long essay that is often asked by the universities abroad. It is your Statement of Purpose. This essay is usually written in about 1000 words and contains your motivations and inspirations that lead you to choose the path of your career. Through this essay, one seeks to understand the applicant’s life. Therefore, writing an effective and impressive SOP for US admissions is very important.

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SOP for US Admissions

Given are some simple tips to write an SOP for US admissions that best suits you and will be very impressive.

1. Write stories not Statements

Though said to be the Statement of Purpose, the SOP must contain a story. Not any other story but your Life story. This is because stories connect to us while statements don’t. Moreover, when you write your life story, you add certain emotions that can be related to.

There must be a strong reason for your choice of course. Once you find that reason, you have your storyline. Write a story with a great narrative about what made you choose your course. You may also want to add how the university you applied in will help you reach your ultimate aim of life.

2. Quantify it

Maintaining a good writing quality is important but what is more important to write in quantity. Both Quality and Quantity matters in your SOP. Add as many numbers as possible. This makes it look interesting and shows a better image of who you are.

Whether is a school activity, a research project, sports fest, field trip, social work or any other activity, whatever it is, add them to your story and make it sound more realistic, and beautiful.

Such numbers give a whole new image and prospective to the readers and make a really good and eye-catchy impression. The power of numbers is that it will add authenticity and authority to your story.

3. Specify it

Writing a story doesn’t mean you write anything. You must be very specific with what you write. Dig really deep into the details of whatever you write.

Don’t use any cheesy sentences. If you want to write that you love your field, explain why you do. Explain in detail why you want to take this career in life or why you want to make it a part of your life.

The question “why?” is most important to specify everything. Make sure you answer all the whys in your essay.

4. Customize and Organize

One of biggest mistake that students make is that they do not customize and organize their essay. They just make a basic template and change the name of university if sending to more than one. This may not be a good idea because all the universities vastly different and have diverse cultures, visions, values, mottos, strengths, weaknesses etc.

Your SOP should contain slightly formal language, but with a tinge of fun and uniqueness. A conversational tone is the best and the safest way to go. Imagine talking to the dean or someone highly ranked. That’s haow it should be written.

5. Make it personal

The more personal you make it, the better.

There are a few personal details that you must add to you SOP that will help the admission committee to get a better idea of who you are. You must add that you are:

-Very passionate about your career

-Hardworking and keen to learn more

-Prepared academically and personally for the upcoming challenges

-Committed in maintaining a good score report

-Obedient and friendly

-Can work in a team and is open to new projects

These are some basic qualities that the admission officers look for in the candidates they select. Therefore, it is better if you add them.

6. Know about your University

Knowing about the university you are applying in is very important. You must know every single detail about your university especially in the field you are applying.

Make sure you mention your reason for choosing the university. Most people write generic sentence in their SOP while referring their chosen university. This is too normal to be considered good. Some spice must be added to make it special. Therefore, do not mention the greatness of the university as the admission committee already knows how good their university is. You must mention details like the benefits you get from the university and the achievements in your field.

6. Re-read and edit

Once you are done writing your SOP rereading it is very important. When you go through it thoroughly you may find mistakes or get more ideas which you can add. You may also want to use good vocabulary while doing so.

You may also take some advice or get it checked from a professional. There are many immigration consultants in Chandigarh that can help you write an impressive and admirable SOP for US admissions for the universities you apply in. You can also get your essays reviewed from them.

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