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How to Get Rid of 5 Most Common Difficulties You Come Across as a Non-native English speaker

Speaking good English has always been a desire of a number of non-native English speakers. A number of factors influence this thing.  The sophistication of the language, its popularity, its use in some of the great works of arts and it being the language of respectable and highly paid jobs are few of the reasons why everyone wishes to be an efficient English speaker. But, is it that easy? Some say yay, some say no! If you are among the formers, then you might not feel the need to read this article but if you are among the latter, then this article introduces you the ways and means to get rid of 5 most common difficulties which you might come across while trying to learn English is a non-native English speaker.

Learn English Easily


Vocabulary has been a big task for the best English experts of the world also and if you face difficulty here, then there is no need to bother. Not even a single person in this world can say that he or she knows every word. Why is this so? It is so because every single day, a new word is being added to the list of English words. Moreover, different words are spoken in different countries. Hence, you need to accept the fact that vocabulary is an everyday learning. The best way to have a hold of this is to learn 5 new words every day. A good suggestion is to keep the count to 5 words only and learn them by heart. More words can make the everyday practice monotonous and hard to achieve (which might make you lose interest) and less words won’t give you a confidence of task achievement. Repeat this practice till the day you wish to be more affluent in your English.  


Getting right pronunciation of a word is not everybody’s cup of tea because we are more adapted to speaking language and words we have been hearing or speaking since our childhood. In addition to this, the movement of tongue and availability of various sounds in our language effects our pronunciation of another language. The master tip here is practice. Every day speaking and coming across words helps you adapt it. So, be patient and practice.


Confidence does not come in a day. It is self-belief and comes when you know you have something actually great within you. Developing confidence will take time but once you are on track, it will not be a big deal anymore. Therefore, let your primary focus be speaking English with people of your level or a level up than you. The initial phase will test you but this is the only way to boost up your confidence.

-Lack of ideas

Generally, people lack ideas and also words while speaking. They find it easy to speak in their mother tongue because they have a lot of things to talk about the culture or few instances to share. The same can be brought in English by knowing about the language, reading more, being aware of the current happenings etc.


-Understanding language is also important while you are learning it. It is so because in order to give a reply, you must understand what is being asked. For this, one should watch more and more conversational videos and interact with people.

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