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17 Practical Last Minute GRE Tips to Improve Your Scores

Conquering the GRE is more than just about conquering math and verbal. If you want to score higher, you will have to take care of other things as well. When your GRE test is just 24 hours away and you have prepared as much as you can, you should follow some last minute GRE tips that will help you overcome your fear and score much better in your exam.

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Given are some Practical Last Minute Tips to Improve your GRE Scores.

1. Cram the GRE Format
The First and Foremost thing to remember is to go through the format and memorize it. When you know the format, it will be easier for you to manage your time and you will have a clear idea of the types of questions to come. This can help you score better.

2. Be Confident with What you Know
Always remember that confidence is one of the keys to success. You should be very confident with what you know. Lack of confidence can result to unnecessary stress and hence you might not be able to focus on your exam. If you don’t understand a question, save it for later and solve the easy ones first.

3. Take Practice Tests
Taking practice tests is very important. The more practice tests you take, the more confident you get. Also these tests will give you a better idea of the questions and format. Practice tests are very important part of your GRE preparation process. These also help you to find out the area that you need to practice more and the ones that are on your finger tips.

4. Manage Time
In any Exam, time management is very important. If you cannot manage time, you cannot score better. In GRE you get very less time per question, therefore, you should manage accordingly and should manage time properly.

5. Review Notes
While doing your preparations, you must take notes of all the important points and all the errors that you make. During the last 24 hours before the exam, you must review all these notes. This will help you remind of the possible errors that you may make so that you do not repeat it during the exam.

6. Get over your fear
Fearing is common before the exam. You get nervous and confused and are scared that you may not have prepared enough. Such fear and cause distraction and hence break your concentration. Therefore, you need to prepare in such a way that you become confident about youe exam.

7. No new Topics
Learning new topics at the last minute is the most mistaken thing people do. If you, by any chance, find a topic that you forgot to prepare during the exam, leave it. Do not go on preparing it. If you start learning a new topic, first, you will not have enough time to practice it, second, you will get confused and mix it with other topics. Hence your preparation will be for nothing.

8. Unwind your Mind
During the last hour, always remember to unwind your mind. Free yourself from any kind of distractive and destructive thoughts. You need to calm yourself and think clean.

9. Eat healthy
Many people do not eat before appearing for exam because of the stress they have been taking for days. Eating healthy is very important before the exam. You must not over-eat, take just the right amount of nutritious food. Also drink water.

10. Overconfidence is toxic
You must have faith in yourself and be confident that you can do it. But do not mistake this confidence with overconfidence, because overconfidence is very toxic. Not only for exams but for anything, overconfidence brings you down.

11. Sleep well
Many people study all night before the exam and the next day, that is, during the exam, they become very exhausted and look pale. This hinders your performance. Therefore, always remember to have proper sleep for about 7-8 hrs before the exam. This will freshen you up and boost your energy.

12. Do relaxing activities
You can do some relaxing and calming activities before your exam that will help you release stress and become fresh. You can listen to light music or go in the nature for some time. These can help you relax and then perform well in exam.

13. Don’t stress over Spellings
In GRE, spellings do not really matter, therefore, if you do not know the correct spelling of a word or get confused between some options, do not take stress. Just write whatever seems right to you and go with the flow.

14. Revise the formulas
Going through all the mathematics formulas at the last minute is very important. Most the questions in math sections are simple and can be solved if you know the correct formula.

15. Try answering without choices
While practicing, always try to answer before looking at the choices first. This way if your answer matches the choice you get confident of it otherwise you can assume to nearest or the most suitable choice.

16. Stay Positive
Being positive is very important. The more positive you are, the better you perform in the exam. You should stay away from everything that gives you a negative vibe and do activities that fill you up with positivity.

17. Don’t Panic
Panicking before the exam is common but not good for you. You must try your best to stay calm. You will get nothing if you panic, instead you might forget what you have revised.

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